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Reach Out & Touch Yourself


So obvious, it's brilliant. How do you solve the problem of presence in the context of phonesex (more specifically, the lack of physical presence of your partner)? Obviously, by "harnessing the vibrations produced by your phone and concentrating them directly on the area they are appreciated most...." Not only that, "it's great for solo fun too! Just set your alarm to ring every minute!"

(Hat tip to Stefano Mirti.)

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So I'm back from fishing, and I've just upgraded my email program. Eudora rocks! And its full functionality is free if you can tolerate a small and only mildly annoying advertisement window on your desktop whenever you read or send email. I've always appreciated the built-in spellcheck, but now Eudora tells me when she (I don't know why, but I've always imagined Eudora is a she)...when she thinks I may be talking a bit too dirty. Well, one thing is clear: if she thinks one little four-letter word is highly likely to be found offensive, Eudora has obviously never met Nalini.

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