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Did You Mean: "Jay Mexican"?


Okay...every time I do a vanity search on Google (which, by the way, is quite often), the built-in spellchecker asks me: Did you mean "Jay Mexican"? Yeah, that's right. That's what I meant. And what if I did mean "Jay Mexican"? What are you going to tell me about "Jay Mexican"? Well, apparently the Mexican Jay can be found in northern Mexico and Arizona. Here are some lovely pictures of the bird (courtesy of William Hull at MangoVerde) also known as Aphelocoma Ultramarina, the Gray-breasted Jay, the Grey-breasted Jay (if you're British), or the Ultramarine Jay. Looks kind of like a blue sparrow to me, but then I don't know squat about birds.

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Updated: May 8, 2004
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