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Chicago's Bean

I haven't blogged at all in October. That's pathetic. My excuse is that I've been preoccupied with my search for a new job: travelling, interviewing, and so on. Just to get something up here before October ends, I'm gonna post this photo of Anish Kapoor's very cool, newish sculpture in Chicago's Millennium Park. The sculpture is apparently titled Cloud Gate, but I've only ever heard people refer to it as "the bean." It does incredible things to distort visitors' sense of space and makes for one of the popular photo ops in the city. I've got more to say about the park and about Chicago.... I'll try to get to that before I move away from here.Bean

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I was really impressed with "the bean" because it is so simple - bent shiny metal - and so captivating. As you walk around it, you can see reflections of things that are NOT behind you. As you walk under it, there are a number of moments that totally mess up all your spatial cues and can be amazing and dizzying.

Fantstic photo on flickr "under the bean"

Posted by: Steve Portigal | Nov 1, 2004 9:05:01 AM


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